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This project was aimed at designing and developing a "HEELLESS" running shoe and to investigate the effect of such a shoe on running. This project is now concluded. 


Concluding remarks 


Athletes whilst running generally land their foot, not with the heel, but on the ball of the foot or in between the heel and the forefoot.  On the other hand, people who jog tend to strike their heels on the ground. The innovative shoe designs were developed to assist people in their fitness training and prevent overuse injuries forces during running.

The heelless running shoe is an innovative concept which aims to reduce the repetitive strain from high heel impact during running. (for more details please see the patent document in the following link:  http://www.google.com/patents/US8387285)



Project HEELLESS was commended by the external reviewers and was included in Horizon 2020, The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation:


Project HEELLESS was regarded as a success story in the European Small Business Portal.


It has received considerable publicity in the European media:




We acknowledge funding provided for HEELLESS project by the European Community‚Äôs Seventh Framework Programme under Research for The Benefits of SMEs grant agreement no. 222468  (Sep 2008-Aug 2010). We also thank all partners of the multidisciplinary HEELLESS consortium: Prosupport B.V.; Netherlands (Co-Ordinator);; G. De Weerd Holding BV, Netherlands (SME); Rademaker Sports, Netherlands (SME); Zwartz B.V., Netherlands (SME); Krossport, Poland (SME), Nasika, Spain (SME), KIEM Innovations, Netherlands (RTD); Lightweight Structures, Netherlands (RTD); University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal, Germany (RTD); Staffordshire University, UK (RTD) and Healus Technology, UK (SME).


What next:

Project HEELLESS had stemmed from earlier research collaboration between Healus Technology and the Clinical Biomechanics Research Team at Staffordshire University (2004-2008), and after completion of this project, this collaboration has continued.

Further research is currently underway to optimise the composite formula of the mid and outer sole, which are the sole parts below the fully developed natural fibre-reinforced sole plate.

Talks are taking place between Healus Ltd and footwear brand manufacturers to produce the footwear at large quantities and bring it to market.