Prosupport, Netherlands (Co-Ordinator)

The project is coordinated by Prosupport, founded in 2000 to assist innovative companies with research and development efforts, in particular providing support such as project management, business development and financial support.


G. de Weerd Holding BV, Netherlands (SME)

Design, construction and manufacturing company established in 2001 working on the new technology of natural fabric, thermoplastic composite moulding. De Weerd has carried projects in the development of gluing machinery for hot melt applications and thermoformed products. These have applications in delicate membranes for speakers and microphones - particularly in hearing aid and mobile phones. In 2005-2007 we carried out research and development of the first natural fibre fabric reinforced thermoplastic; for the development of material itself to a continuous mass production process method. In 2007 we developed a process for the production of natural fibre reinforced thermoplastic panels to replace high pressure laminate panels which are used in office tables and exterior wall covering of buildings.

Healus Technology, United Kingdom (SME)

Healus Ltd owns the proprietory technology on the mechanical aspects of the footwear concept. The company based in Stoke-on-Trent, England is managed by chartered physiotherapist Adri Hartveld who has prototyped and tested the concept over the last 10 years. For more information on Healus shoes please see For more information on Heelless Running please see

Krossport, Poland (SME)

Kros-Sport was founded in 2003 by three partners as a partnership. We are a manufacturer of sport shoes. Our main product it is football shoes and running shoes with spikes. We also offer divers range of sport goods like: sport balls, skating and hockey boots. We are only producer this kind of shoes in Poland. Our products are characterised by very high quality, durability and tasteful finishing. Visit us at or email us at

Nasika, Spain (SME)

Founded in 1968, it produces rubber and EVA compounds. In 1990 it specialised in the production of accelerators, zinc oxide, sulphur and blowing agents bound to polymers and in 1996 it was awarded the ISO 9000 certificate.
Masterbatches are commercialised under the Nasika trademark. The quality of our Masterbatches is internationally renowned due to their low viscosity and the thorough filtration process they undergo.

Rademaker Sports, Netherlands (SME)

Founded in 1988 by husband and wife team Koos and Anneke Rademaker in Amersfoort. By the end of 2004 the company moved from Zeist to bigger premises in Leusden, near the national Sports Business Center. Rademaker Sports is a specialist importer/wholesaler concentrating in the sports market and distribute not only in Holland, but also in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and Great Britain. Being active in sports Rademaker are proactive in new developments and regularly are testing new products. The focus is on sports retailers, leisure orientated organisations and sponsors of sport. The main line of business is sportswear, shoes and accessories for the serious runner/walker and triathlete.

Zwartz, Netherlands (SME)

S.I. Zwartz B.V. have been active as textile weavers since 1835, thus being one of the oldest textile works of the Netherlands. Today our in-house facilities for weaving preparation, weaving, finishing, laminating and making-up enable us to produce and market a diversified range of (textile) products. Natural Fibre based fabrics are one of our specialties. In joint cooperation with Kiem Development we developed Biopreg natural fabric reinforced thermoplastic composites, which will also be used for the shock plates in Heelless shoes. For a first impression of S.I. Zwartz B.V.,


KIEM Innovations, Netherlands (RTD)

KIEM sustainable innovations is founded in 1992 by industrial designers with knowledge and experience on design, engineering and environmental issues. KIEM has become the leading design and engineering office in the Netherlands in the field of sustainable product development. KIEM works together with a network of specialists and experts on projects in different areas. The ‘core’ competence of KIEM is the translation of research into practical industrial applications in particularly in the field of sustainable development of industrial products and on the field of renewable resources like bio-plastics, natural fibre composites and wood.

Lightweight Structures, Netherlands (RTD)

Lightweight Structures B.V. is based in Delft, The Netherlands and focuses its business on creative product development, engineering and manufacturing of structures in market areas where weight is one of the design drivers. We have a background of 250 man-years in structural applications in various markets and for various end-users.
Our core competence is structural design and engineering, production and testing of (mainly) composite structures, or briefly: product development. A phased integrated approach is followed where design, material selection and manufacturing are engineered simultaneously
Products are designed and produced for various markets such as aerospace, automotive, maritime (such as hulls for yachts and ferries), sports equipment, machine parts, civil engineering (bridges, wind mills). It often concerns highly loaded dynamic structures. To deal with this in the design phase we make use of non-linear and anisotropic finite element analyses. In the prototyping phase we can perform full scale tests in our laboratories.

Roessingh Research and Development, Netherlands (RTD)

Roessingh Research and Development (RRD), the largest Dutch scientific research centre in rehabilitation technology, is an independent R&D organization linked to The Roessingh rehabilitation centre in Enschede. Its mission is to generate innovations in rehabilitation care through top class academic research. RRD is internationally recognized as a centre of excellence in the fields of restoration of human function, non-invasive neuromuscular assessment and pain rehabilitation. Since 2004, RRD and care experts from The Roessingh have headed the National Innovation Centre for Pain Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Technology, which is certified by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. RRD has a strong cooperation with the Twente University where 2 scientific chairs are filled in by RRD/Roessingh researchers: Neuromuscular Control and Rehabilitation Medicine and Technology.

Staffordshire University, United Kingdom (RTD)

Established in 1992, Staffordshire University has evolved into one of the country's most dynamic, progressive and forward-thinking learning institutions. Always quick to adapt as student requirements change, we have become renowned for our groundbreaking new courses and first-class learning opportunities. The research within the Faculty of Health and biomechanics team has a general focus on musculoskeletal biomechanics, gait analysis and rehabilitation. Our members of staff in the area of clinical biomechanics and technology in conjunction with the visiting professors and fellows are involved in research in various areas of basic and applied research. We currently work with West Midlands based SME's in the areas of design and development of products related to human movement and performance. The subject areas that we cater range from medical technology to ergonomics. We also work with the industry in supporting them to applying for research grants. We can conduct Kinematic and Kinetic analysis for assessing clinical conditions and to develop treatment protocols and assistive devices. We also offer musculoskeletal clinics (clinical biomechanics involving both podiatry and physiotherapy) from our lab. This clinic, in the near future, will have a role with the local health trusts providing specialist services to diabetic and rheumatology clinics. Typically we will assess the gait pattern and the pressure distribution under the feet to prescribe foot orthotics. The highlight of this clinic will be a footwear provision which is not provided anywhere else in the country.

University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal, Germany (RTD)

The University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal offers active support in the field of research and development. Often small and medium sized enterprises don't have sufficient resources but would be able to improve their rate of innovation by the cooperation with scientific institutions. The University also imparts a demand-orientated qualification and continuing education.

The Centre of Competence Engineering Sciences/Renewable Materials is one of the RTD partners in the HEELLESS project.  It is a research centre located at the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal with the focus on material testing and development. The Centre of Competence Engineering Sciences/Renewable Materials and their network partners offer know-how on bio-composite materials especially to small and medium sized companies. Within the transfer of knowledge and technology, the Centre of Competence offers enterprises an important support to help them with their product and process development. This is done by personnel advice from experts, cooperation at research and development projects, supply of resources, laboratories, or equipment. Small and medium sized enterprises can also be assisted with a placement of graduates and trainees.
The centre is supported by the Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs of the federal state Saxony-Anhalt and part of the State Campaign for Networks of Academic Excellence, launched in 2004.